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Simple Ways to Improve Your Legal Marketing

Some attorneys believe that simply doing great work is enough to bring clients to their door. But that’s like saying being innocent is enough to gain an acquittal. The reality is, even innocent people need lawyers, and even lawyers need quality legal marketing professionals. businesslaw

One of the best ways that professionals at our legal marketing services firm have found to generate more leads is through legal blog writing. Some attorneys think they have to spend a fortune on advertising dollars. But the reality is, a blog is generally a much more effective means of reaching possible clients. Because think about it: You want to meet the clients who need you where they are. Yes, if you saturate a market with radio or television ads, you may retain some recognition that will trigger a phone call later on down the road. But there’s a good chance most people listening to that advertisement don’t need your services at that moment. However, there’s a much better chance that someone searching online for your practice area in your geographical location needs your help.

Legal marketing via blogging is one of the best ways to meet them where they are.  Read More ›

Your Law Firm Will Never Get Good SEO With Bad Content

If you have ever explored adding law firm blogging to your firm’s regular advertising output, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is king.” eatingmywords

As experienced law firm bloggers, we’re not here to dispute that. However, what we will say is that not all content is created equal.

WordPress, one of the main platforms on which law firm blogging is conducted, reports approximately 81 million new blog posts are created each month, resulting in about 45 million comments. That breaks down to about 2.7 million blog posts a day – and that’s just on WordPress. That’s a lot, but it’s wishful thinking that even half of those posts have any sort of significant value. In fact, a lot of is junk. But if you invest in a quality legal blog written by experienced reporters and practicing attorneys, this can actually work in your favor. That’s because when you can offer content that offers value and meets the readers’ expectations, your site is going to move up in search engine rankings.  Read More ›

Good Law Firm Marketing Can Be a Valuable Public Service

It used to be that law firm marketing was seen as somewhat tawdry. Lawyers shied away from any indication that their actions might be viewed as “ambulance-chasing.” computer

Today, however, we know that not only is legal marketing widely accepted, it’s become a necessity for law firms to survive. Reaching potential clients means meeting them where they are. Clients are not searching for lawyers in the yellow pages anymore. You might occasionally have one that hears your name on a radio or television advertisement. But the truth is, when people are in a situation and need a lawyer, they are looking online. Whether they need help with a bankruptcy, a good criminal defense or a personal injury claim, they will first take it to the search engines.

Legal blogging as a form of law firm marketing is especially valuable for two reasons. The first is that regular blogging on relevant topics with proper keywords and clean content is going to improve your law firm’s search engine optimization (SEO), which means your firm will show up higher in the search results, increasing the likelihood potential clients will find you. The second is that your legal blog can be a valuable public service to potential clients in your area. People in your community who aren’t sure of what their options might be or what the state statutes are in a case like theirs can find interesting, relevant information on your site. If they are drawn in by the content you provide, they are more likely to be compelled to contact your offices for help.  Read More ›