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Blogging 101 for Lawyers: Why You Need a Law Firm Blog

You have probably heard at some point that you need a law firm blog.

  • “You should have a blog.”
  • “Blogging helps your SEO.”
  • “Are you blogging yet?”

It’s true: A regular, well-written law firm blog is going to help your website rankings, establish your position as an authority, improve your community engagement and draw in new clientele.

However, there are those who argue a law firm blog isn’t 100 percent necessary. The truth is, that will only apply to companies in a select few scenarios – and it probably won’t apply to yours.

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Internet Marketing Strategies: Helping Your Law Firm Get More Clients With Organic Searches

Regardless of the size of your law firm, internet marketing strategies have to be on point because the field is extremely competitive. Still, it’s been well-established that a focus on search engine optimization is one of the best ways to drum up new leads and connect with new clients.

That’s because when people are in need of a lawyer or legal services, they are most likely going to turn to Google. Recommendations from family and friends are often solicited, but absent that, people will strike out on their own with a series of internet searches to find a local attorney with a good reputation. Law firms that don’t bother making an effort on this front are losing a great deal of potential business.

There are numerous internet marketing strategies you can employ, but law firm blogging remains one of the most effective, particularly for the cost. Some companies will venture out into Google Adwords pay-per-click territory, but this can get very pricey. Read More ›

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Law Firm SEO Strategies That Still Work

When it comes to law firm SEO, it can tough to keep up with the ever-evolving theories and tactics. Although the changing criteria can seem impossible to follow, search engines do operate with calculated strategy. Essentially, all the constant updates point to one simple goal: Providing the best user experience for search engine users.

When you know this fact, keeping up doesn’t need to be painful. Yes, there are many technical aspects about which your blog writers need to stay informed. However, it all boils down to the two most important points:

  • Provide quality content people want to read.
  • Publish that content often.

So while there may be various tweaks, these basic principles are pretty timeless. For those interested in law firm SEO, it’s important to understand that good search engine presence is going to improve your status and make it easier for potential clients to find you.  Read More ›

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Law Firms Rushing to Implement Content Marketing

In case you were wondering which industry is killing it on the content marketing front: It’s law firms.

This might be somewhat surprising, given that the field of law tends to be deeply entrenched in tradition. But it’s not all that shocking when you consider lawyers are in the business of doing their research, mapping a well-planned strategy and then expertly communicating it.

Although some law firms are investing on content marketing farms in-house, most lawyers find it much more efficient to outsource this job to copywriters, blog writers and content marketers.  Read More ›

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Law Firm SEO: You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Law firm SEO is essential to any law firm that is looking to grow. People go to the internet for information. This is as true for legal consumers as it is for everyone else.

Use of search engines are becoming almost universally understood. People know how to use these features to find the information they seek. Competition for those eyeballs is fierce. Lawyers can’t afford to be on the fourth, fifth or sixth page for results in their practice area.

This is where search engine optimization – and Law Firm Ghostwriter – come in.  Read More ›

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