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reat legal content is what we do.¬†Law Firm Ghost Writer LLC is a team of career print journalists, law school graduates, legal marketing executives, and production professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive online marketing solutions to law firm’s nationwide.

Legal Marketing

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We understand the rise of the DVR and the death of yellow-page advertising has fractured the legal-marketing landscape and left attorneys scrambling for effective solutions. Success in the new world is complex and labor intensive. The competition, fierce. A fight often won or lost in the margins (is your firm on Google+?) as startup firms with robust online marketing efforts continue to uproot the old guard.

In many ways, it’s leveled the playing field. It’s not about how much you spend, but how you spend it.

We work with law firms that are at the top of search results in all major U.S. markets, including Boston, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. And we work with sole-proprietors who have built thriving legal practices with cost-effective Internet marketing solutions.

Daily, we talk to attorneys who understand the urgency of successfully moving marketing dollars online and are looking for experienced legal marketers, but who have failed to build sustained momentum because of the labor and time involved in online marketing. We show you how to make cost-effective decisions online that will drive your law firm’s Internet marketing effort to the top of search results.