Blogging Law Firms Have the Advantage

Blogging law firms know they have found one of the best ways a firm can improve its branding and sell its services.Blogging Law Firm

Firms that feature a regular blog are not confined to the traditional means of connecting with peers and potential clients. Leaders at these law firms understand that blogging allows them to steer the conversation, establish authority in their respective fields and create trust within their community. What’s more, by crafting regular, quality content on their websites, blogging law firms are improving their search engine optimization (SEO). That means when someone goes looking for a lawyer in a particular field of law – whether searcher is a journalist, potential client or a possible new hire – the law firm that blogs is going to show up at the top of the results stack.

So blogging seems like a no-brainer for law firms. And yet, our professional legal blog writers know there are so many firms that try to skate by without it. Yes, it is an investment in time and money. But ultimately, you can’t afford NOT to invest in a legal blog. 

Sure, blogging takes time. It takes finding either someone who has the skill and capacity to get the job done right. But the benefits are tangible. The results are not always immediate, but they are undeniable. Surely, you know competition among law firms is only becoming increasingly more fierce. One way you can carve out an edge is by making a name for yourself and your firm on the internet. Blogging is the most cost-effective way to do that.

Of course, the primary mission of law firms is to practice law and serve clients. But the business element of this profession is ignored to a firm’s detriment.

One of the biggest ways the business aspect has shifted in recent years has to do with how people consume information and seek professional services. Magazines and newspapers still exist, but are mostly read in a digital format. Radio and television are still around, but people have the increasing ability to breeze right through advertisements. If you want your message to resonate, you need to meet your community where they are. So where is that? Almost all of them are online.

Blogging also gives you a means to broaden your reach into the realm of social media – where you’ll connect with even more potential clients – by giving you a way to initiate and engage in meaningful conversations. What our law firm blog writers have have discovered is that people actively seek information and insight from those who are knowledgeable about the topic.

Blogging is the perfect way to modernize the branding of your law firm and maximize your reach. On top of that, you should know that your competition is probably already doing it. ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory has well over 3,000 law blogs. AmLaw has more than 200. That’s just a snapshot of the legal blogs that are available. At the very least, your firm has to keep pace.

Our law firm ghostwriters work to help your firm stand out. We employ award-winning journalists, skilled writers and practicing lawyers to ensure our content is accurate, in-depth, well-written and enticing to your target audience.

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