Legal Blog Writers Explain Best Types of Content for Law Firm SEO

Effective legal blog writers know that in order for our clients’ pages to rank high on search engines, the content has to be high quality. The web is cluttered with poorly-written, superficial content with zero substance. This not only leaves potential clients scratching their heads, it’s not going help your page rank – which is how clients are going to find you in the first place. But you can use the glut of poor content to your advantage – by regularly updating your site with superior content.  keyboard

Our team of journalists, attorneys and copy editors value good prose, of course. But we also want to make sure those who visit your page feel as if they have learned something or had a question answered. Perhaps they’ll share a link. Maybe they’ll even give you a call. The longer you can keep someone on your page, the lower your “bounce rate.” This is the rate at which web users “bounce” off your page. If they stay a while, search engines recognize this and it can improve your rank.

So when you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization, our legal blog writers recommend investing in the kind of content that readers – and search engines – are hoping to find on your law firm website. 

As the SEO analysts at MOZ point out, there are several different types of content on websites that tend to drive traffic and improve SEO. These include:

  • Blog posts. This No.1 for a reason. The key here is that the blog posts must be regularly updated. These articles will be timely, informative and relevant to what’s happening right now. For a law firm, it typically involves the latest local or federal court ruling or a local news story with interesting legal implications that relate to your practice. This is where a service like Law Firm Ghost Writer can be so valuable. You have a firm to run. You have cases to work on, hearings to attend and trials for which to prepare. You have precious little time to be constantly investing in your blog, even when you know it’s a critical touch point for local consumers.
  • Short-form, evergreen content. This is the type of content, published in a blog post, that could be relevant at any time (within reason). You could publish it now or a year from now, and it’s still going to provide your readers with value. This is important because you never know when someone is going to land on that article in one of their searches. If they don’t read it until 18 months after it’s published, it still has to have value for them.
  • Comprehensive guides. These would be content pages on your site that can help clients understand certain legal processes, laws or relevant facts. These informational guides can help people who may be considering seeking legal advice better understand how it works – before they actually reach out to the firm. Usually, we achieve this with content pages like, “Indiana Divorce FAQ,” or “What To Do After a Florida Car Accident.”
  • Photo and visual elements. We include free stock pictures in all of our blog posts. It breaks up the gray of the page. It can be compelling in its own right. It makes the blog altogether appear more polished.

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