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Blogging 101 for Lawyers: Why You Need a Law Firm Blog

You have probably heard at some point that you need a law firm blog.

  • “You should have a blog.”
  • “Blogging helps your SEO.”
  • “Are you blogging yet?”

It’s true: A regular, well-written law firm blog is going to help your website rankings, establish your position as an authority, improve your community engagement and draw in new clientele.

However, there are those who argue a law firm blog isn’t 100 percent necessary. The truth is, that will only apply to companies in a select few scenarios – and it probably won’t apply to yours.

In general, you may not need regular blogging if:

  • You are a household name. Very few lawyers have this kind of hold on their community. Companies in this tier would be those like Google. Target. Amazon. So many consumers know these names, which are often synonymous with the service or product, which means blogging might only have a marginal benefit.
  • You don’t need the traffic. Does Target really care if you check out their blog when you’re already on your way to their store and half your pantry is stocked with items you just bought there last week?
  • You don’t need to reach a wider audience. People don’t discover Amazon via blog. (But to be fair, Amazon does have a blog.)
  • You have other/ better ways of getting clients in the door. If you’re the only grocery store in town, you don’t necessarily need a blog to get people to show up. You might have more success with a coupon mail-out.
  • You have a great deal of success selling your services offline.

Of course, none of this means a blog might never be beneficial, even for these bigger firms. What it means is that these companies might not need to make blogging a key focus. However, most law firms are not in this position. For them, a law firm blog is one of the best ways to:

  • Drive website traffic.
  • Expand an audience.
  • Connect with clients.
  • Contribute to important discussions.

A law firm blog is undoubtedly an investment. When you put your resources toward quality content, you should know up-front that it’s a long-game, and the payoffs can be farther off than you might realize. However, those benefits are undeniable. Our bloggers are experienced reporters and attorneys who understand your practice area and can quickly turn around quality content to help kick-start your Google rankings.

We recognize that sustaining a blog is a lot of work, which is why law firms outsource the work to companies like Law Firm Ghost Writer. But outsourcing requires trust. We take seriously the responsibility a law firm blog represents. It means presenting your firm in the best possible light as a knowledgeable, compassionate team that is capable of obtaining results for your clients. It means speaking with intelligence on matters that pertain to your practice area and community. It means serving as your voice and instilling confidence in those who come across your site looking for information.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t start a law firm blog just because someone else told you to do it. You should let us help you start a law firm blog because you recognize the value and are committed to reaching your potential clients where they are.

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