Effective Blog Writing for Your Law Firm

Law firms aren’t the only companies that benefit from blog writing. Social media research reveals that companies that regularly blog generate 126 more leads than those that don’t blog at all. writer

Regardless of the size of your firm, there are benefits to blogging. More than 90 percent of companies that blog once a day have acquired one or more customers directly from that blog. That’s because the vast majority of consumers find custom content valuable. That’s especially true of people looking for attorneys. When potential clients find information on your site that is relevant to their situation and their geographic location, it helps to boost your credibility and the trust factor.

More than 80 percent of online consumers surveyed by Business2Community.com say they trusted information found on a company’s blog, and 70 percent are likely to spend time reading content from a company or a service in which they are interested. More than half of consumers say they feel more positive about a company or a service after reading custom blog content on the company’s website. 

Still, it can seem daunting, even if you have a substantial staff. The reality is, your staff’s time is best spent doing the legal work you hired them to do. Marketing via blog writing is something that is typically best to farm out to companies that have the experience, skill and capacity to do it right and do it regularly.

Our experienced marketing professionals are here to help you work through a content strategy that will include regular blog writing, permanent web page content and social media promotion.

Many of our blogs are generated on topics that branch from new court cases in your area of practice and, if possible, your state. We explain what happened in that case, and how the same principles may apply to other similar cases.

We also occasionally will post “how-to” guides for readers who aren’t sure what to look for in an attorney or how the court process works. We also sometimes will touch on seasonal guides or other relevant topics. These topics are all original, as is the analysis. We are also happy to accept topic ideas and assignments from clients, but we don’t expect clients to generate routine assignments.

For many clients, it’s not that they can’t write. In fact, attorneys are experts in the art of communication. The problem is the amount of time it takes to generate blog writing topics, actually write the pieces well and then proofread, search images and set to publish on a regular schedule. It can be nearly impossible, particularly for attorneys at smaller firms, to find an adequate amount of time to do this to a satisfactory level.

Even when clients have a great topic or a spark of inspiration, results require regular blog writing, day in and day out, week after week, month after month.

If you are not sure what kind of a blog writing schedule would be best for your law firm, we are happy to discuss the various options and the kinds of results we can help you attain.

Contact Law Firm Ghost Writer to learn more about our legal blog writing services at 1.888.901.3939.

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