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Legal Blog Writers Explain Best Types of Content for Law Firm SEO

Effective legal blog writers know that in order for our clients’ pages to rank high on search engines, the content has to be high quality. The web is cluttered with poorly-written, superficial content with zero substance. This not only leaves potential clients scratching their heads, it’s not going help your page rank – which is how clients are going to find you in the first place. But you can use the glut of poor content to your advantage – by regularly updating your site with superior content.  keyboard

Our team of journalists, attorneys and copy editors value good prose, of course. But we also want to make sure those who visit your page feel as if they have learned something or had a question answered. Perhaps they’ll share a link. Maybe they’ll even give you a call. The longer you can keep someone on your page, the lower your “bounce rate.” This is the rate at which web users “bounce” off your page. If they stay a while, search engines recognize this and it can improve your rank.

So when you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization, our legal blog writers recommend investing in the kind of content that readers – and search engines – are hoping to find on your law firm website.  Read More ›

Blogging Law Firms Have the Advantage

Blogging law firms know they have found one of the best ways a firm can improve its branding and sell its services.Blogging Law Firm

Firms that feature a regular blog are not confined to the traditional means of connecting with peers and potential clients. Leaders at these law firms understand that blogging allows them to steer the conversation, establish authority in their respective fields and create trust within their community. What’s more, by crafting regular, quality content on their websites, blogging law firms are improving their search engine optimization (SEO). That means when someone goes looking for a lawyer in a particular field of law – whether searcher is a journalist, potential client or a possible new hire – the law firm that blogs is going to show up at the top of the results stack.

So blogging seems like a no-brainer for law firms. And yet, our professional legal blog writers know there are so many firms that try to skate by without it. Yes, it is an investment in time and money. But ultimately, you can’t afford NOT to invest in a legal blog.  Read More ›

Internet Marketing for Lawyers: Content Worth Sharing

Attorneys are skilled researchers, writers and orators who craft brilliant legal arguments to win their cases. But when it comes to internet marketing for lawyers, producing regular online content can be more of a challenge. internet marketing for lawyers

For many, it’s not that they aren’t capable of writing the material. It’s usually that they don’t have time. The people they employ don’t have time. And even if they did, the learning curve for search engine optimization (SEO) is substantial.

Legal blogging, content writing and internet marketing for lawyers must be consistent to work well with search engine algorithms. Material has to be fresh, relevant and insightful. If you only post a blog or two a month, you probably aren’t going to see satisfying results. You need to create content that’s worth sharing.  Read More ›

Evolution of Legal Blogs Continues to Impact SEO

I had a chance to compare some of our legal blogs published in 2009 v. 2014 and the comparison is startling.sample legal blog

When we started in 2007, you could publish a legal blog and see it three times on page 1 of Google — the blog, the homepage and the blogfeed often all returned as separate results.

Ahh, but those were the good old days.

Looking back, those blogs often said very little and did very little, other than to unabashedly plug the firm. While confidentiality and duplicative content issues keep me from republishing those blogs here, you can see by the screen captures to the right that the old-school blogs contained relatively little text and had half-a-dozen links back to the firm.

By contrast, today’s blogs and articles produced by our legal blog writers are 500-750 words, Copyscape tested at least 85 percent original, and focus on informing the reader as a way to bring traffic to the firm.

People always ask us: “How do we show up in Google search results?” And we always say: “Post regular content updates to your site and have something to say.”

Cheap website content for lawyers is not hard to find. We can point you toward several resources where it’s as little as $10 page. If you have a $10 law firm, we suggest you buy $10 legal content.

In other cases, a law firm gets a quote for $25 or $30 legal blogs and inquires about whether we will match those rates. 2014lawblog On at least three occasions, they have sent me samples from these content farms, and I have tested them only to find they are being sold word-for-word to multiple law firms. In other words, law firms are paying for content to improve SEO, and the discount writing houses are selling them duplicative content that will be ignored by search engines and may even result in their site ranking being reduced!

And these are the blogs these companies are sending to lawyers as sample work product!

Again, people always ask us: “How do we show up in Google search results?” And we always say: “Post regular content updates to your site and have something to say.”

If your legal blog writers are busy plagiarizing themselves, why in the world would a search engine choose your firm’s “content” as desirable to display to their customer, who is conducting a web search in the hopes of finding worthwhile information?

If you want to know you are getting what you are paying for — if you want Internet marketing results you can count on in 2014 — look for the