Law Firm Content Marketing: What You Should Know

The term “content marketing” is somewhat of a trendy one. The term “law firm content marketing” is even newer. However, unlike a lot of trends, these aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. law firm content marketing

The good news is that law firm content marketing can deliver real benefits to your practice. But you have to know how to wield it – and who can help. As the name suggests, content marketing is a kind of promotional vehicle. However, instead of touting your firm’s qualifications and experience, you are providing them with practical information.

Yes, you want them to know you are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced. But rather than tell them that, you show them. You create consistent, quality content that is informational and valuable to readers. That’s effectively using law firm content marketing. 

Content marketing extends to all different kinds of industries. Law firm content marketing will involve delivering content that showcases:

  • News features of local importance and pertinence to your area of practice;
  • Legislative changes that affect your area of law;
  • Details on how your state law applies to some national news feature;
  • Prominent and pertinent court decisions and analysis.

For example, let’s say you are a divorce lawyer in Minneapolis. You probably have a fair amount of competition, but are doing alright as a small- to- midsize firm. You have a blog that features law firm content marketing. Your competition does not.

First of all, someone looking for your services is probably going to spot you first because law firms that engage in regular blog writing are going to do better with search engine optimization (SEO). That’s because search engines prioritize those sites that offer valuable content to readers.

Secondly, assuming a potential client is weighing two different sites and all other things are equal, the attorney will a series of thoughtful, informative blog posts on topics like division of property, child custody, mediation and similar topics is probably going to win out.

This is where our legal content marketing writers come in. Here’s the thing: Most law firms do not have the resources or the time to engage in regular, consistent blogging. To do it well, one must be constantly on the lookout for great topics, relevant case law updates and the like.

But beyond that, lawyers can sometimes fall into a trap of using lots of legal jargon, sometimes referred to as “legalese.” Years of law school and writing complaints and deciphering case law – it’s tough sometimes to switch gears. Some call it “the curse of knowledge.” You know your subject matter so well that it’s tough sometimes to translate it into material that can be easily understood and consumed by the public-at-large.

Big law firms have a lot of money to pour into television or radio advertising. Smaller firms may not be able to match those dollars, but they can meet and even outpace those big-name firms online with a good content-marketing strategy. And often, that’s all you need.

Some lawyers are initially reticent to outsource their website copy. This is understandable. Your firm is your career. It’s your reputation and you have worked very hard to earn it. The reason you can trust our work because our writers are professionals with decades of experience. We are journalists by trade who spent years taking mounds of highly technical, complex jargon from a myriad of sources and molding it into clear, concise and informative copy that the public wants to read. We know how to write a headline and a lede. We know how to stay on point, maintain a weekly entry quota and keep a deadline. Our team is knowledgeable on a wide range of legal practice areas, but also on SEO best practices. Our goal is to ensure your law firm content marketing strategy will earn you the desired results.

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