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Law Firms Rushing to Implement Content Marketing

In case you were wondering which industry is killing it on the content marketing front: It’s law firms.

This might be somewhat surprising, given that the field of law tends to be deeply entrenched in tradition. But it’s not all that shocking when you consider lawyers are in the business of doing their research, mapping a well-planned strategy and then expertly communicating it.

Although some law firms are investing on content marketing farms in-house, most lawyers find it much more efficient to outsource this job to copywriters, blog writers and content marketers. 

legal marketingStill, they are fully aware they can’t trust this job to just anyone. Not only are there stringent SEO standards that must be met, but legal content writing is not the kind of thing you can leave to an amateur with no understanding of the law.

At Law Firm Ghost Writer, we hire experienced lawyers and newspaper reporters – people who are familiar with the law, adept at researching and possess the ability to write well and turn it around quickly.

Many of our attorney clients maintain a separate blog for each area of practice to ensure they are able to dial in their SEO and attract potential clients for each area. For example, we have attorneys whose focus is special injury law, but have specific blogs for car accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, drunk driving accidents and asbestos/ mesothelioma claims. Each of these areas requires attention, and lawyers need to make sure they are maximizing that potential.

The bottom line is: If you want to reach new clients, you absolutely must have a law firm content marketing strategy.

Think about it: When someone is arrested for DUI or are concerned about their immigration case or are wondering what to do after a car accident, the first place they will turn for information is Google. Content marketing is invaluable in this context because:

  • Smart, engaging content provides a service to these individuals in the form of answers.
  • It raises the profile and authority of the law firm, establishing the attorney as a local leader on current events and relevant issues.
  • Directs people to your website, which is how you generate leads.

Some attorneys wonder whether writers without a specific legal background are going to be able to adequately and accurately convey the law. The answer is yes. And the reason is most of writers are or were experienced reporters. We know how to research and get it right. Beyond that, we are able to write this content in a way that is engaging.

Deserved or not, lawyers as a group of a reputation for communicating in “legalese.” We call this “the curse of knowledge.” You have such an in-depth knowledge of your practice area, and all the legal nuances that come with that, it’s difficult to sometimes step outside of that and communicate these principles in simple, succinct layman’s terms.

Beyond that, lawyers just don’t have time. They are often very busy professionals, and they simply don’t have time to keep up with a blog or write content for the pages of their website. At the same time, they can’t afford not to do so. That’s where our content marketing professionals can help.

If you have questions about our legal marketing services, contact us by email and we’ll be happy to fill you in on our offerings.

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