Internet Marketing Strategies: Helping Your Law Firm Get More Clients With Organic Searches

Regardless of the size of your law firm, internet marketing strategies have to be on point because the field is extremely competitive. Still, it’s been well-established that a focus on search engine optimization is one of the best ways to drum up new leads and connect with new clients.

That’s because when people are in need of a lawyer or legal services, they are most likely going to turn to Google. Recommendations from family and friends are often solicited, but absent that, people will strike out on their own with a series of internet searches to find a local attorney with a good reputation. Law firms that don’t bother making an effort on this front are losing a great deal of potential business.

There are numerous internet marketing strategies you can employ, but law firm blogging remains one of the most effective, particularly for the cost. Some companies will venture out into Google Adwords pay-per-click territory, but this can get very pricey.

mouseConsider a recent Search Engine Watch analysis of the average cost per click pricing and the most expensive keywords in the U.S. last year. Almost all the most expensive keywords were in the legal industry. The No. 1 was “best mesothelioma lawyer, “at $936 per click. “Dallas truck accident lawyer” cost $426 per click. “Personal injury attorneys phoenix” was $307 per click.

The fact that law firms are willing to pay nearly $1,000 just for a single person to click on an advertisement at the top page of Google tells you just how important Google is to your internet marketing strategies. And it’s not to say that pay-per-click isn’t beneficial. Clearly for some, it is.

But you can generate your own solid ranking on Google by using timeless SEO strategies that focus on organic searches.

The first step in that process is understanding how search engine optimization works. As spells out, there are an estimated 200 Google ranking factors to consider. However, the most important are to create good content and share it often.

Within this content, your law firm blog writer should be working in your relevant keywords. There are three basic kinds of keywords for law firms. Location-based keywords are those that focus on where you are. Ex: Law firms in Charlotte, Lawyer in South Florida. Then there are the practice-type keywords. Ex: Personal injury attorney, criminal defense lawyer, wrongful death law firm. Then there are those hybrid, long-tail keywords. Ex: DUI attorney in Fort Myers Florida, personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

If you take a look and see what your top competitors are doing to achieve their rankings, you will likely note a regular blog and fresh website content that contains these kinds of phrases and keywords.

The next step in your internet marketing strategy will be to hammer out a plan to improve your site. That means taking a hard look at the existing permanent content and seeing what’s missing. Our law firm marketing professionals can help you do this, and we do often suggest generating additional pages and ensuring all content is current. It’s a good idea to update the fixed content on your website every two years or so to ensure it is fresh and relevant.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to organic searches and clicks, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You might not see immediate results, but taking these steps will set you up for long-term growth.

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