Help Your Law Firm SEO by Writing Like a Journalist

Lawyers are a smart group. They are educated and have extensive knowledge on a range of industries and they have a wealth of intellectual insights from which to draw. But boosting your Law Firm SEO  requires writing the kind of comprehensive stories that non-lawyers can easily understand. law firm seo

That means writing like a journalist.

No, you aren’t delving into salacious topics or slapping on sticky headlines. If you truly want to improve your law firm SEO (search engine optimization), your content has to be accurate, fair, timely, credible – and well-written. Every journalist knows their main objective is to serve their audience. It’s the same for improving law firm SEO.

For lawyers, that means approaching your content marketing strategy from a perspective of thought leadership, as opposed to advertising.

Yes, your ultimate goal is to drive up the number of clicks and get potential clients in your office. But the way to do that is to ensure the content of your website offers immediate value to visitors. You will be building brand awareness and demonstrating leadership in your field if you can act more like the media with your law firm website content.

Of course, many attorneys do not have the time to dedicate to this endeavor. The good news is there are actual former journalists who do. At Law Firm Ghost Writer, our award-winning team of former print reporters and lawyers have an intricate understanding of a broad range of legal topics. We also know that content has to be written with the audience in mind.

Our legal blog writing and law firm content marketers understand that for many individuals and companies, hiring a lawyer or team of attorneys is a huge investment. They want someone who is not just available, but especially knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy.

We see too many law firms pour their entire marketing budget into advertising: Commercials, radio soundbites, billboards and print ads. While that may somewhat improve name recognition, it won’t be the deciding factor for most people.

The legal field has become increasingly overcrowded in recent years, and the best way you can improve your firm’s profile is to establish yourself and your team as a thought leader. Some approaches we recommend:

  • Highlighting the latest laws or bills relevant to your focus area.
  • Dissecting recent cases and providing detailed analysis.
  • Explaining the legal implications of a recent and popular local news story.

And you want to do all of this in a writing style that an eighth-grader could understand. That’s because you are writing for the masses. The average newspaper is written at between a middle-school and high-school reading level. When you want to improve your law firm SEO, you will probably consider the Flesch Reading Ease score, which is a content analysis tool in the Yoast SEO plugin that determines whether your copy is too tough for most people to read. If your copy is too hard to read, your audience isn’t going to stay on your website, which will increase your “bounce rate” and hurt your SEO score.

Journalists instinctively know how to do this while still communicating information that is complex and interesting. That’s why our law firm content marketing services are so effective.

Contact Law Firm Ghost Writer to learn more about our legal blog writing services at 1.888.901.3939.

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