Law Firm Blog a Great Way to Grow Clientele

typeA substantive, quality law firm blog is one of the best ways to drum up additional clientele. That’s because a regular blog, created and maintained by experienced writers, former newspaper reporters and attorneys,  raises your search engine optimization, or SEO.

The better your search engine optimization, the higher your website will show up when a potential client is looking for a law firm in your practice area.

Social media research has shown that law firms and other businesses that utilize blogs generate nearly 70 percent more leads than companies that don’t use blogging. 

Blogs are a means to add regular, fresh content to your company’s website. The material can also be shared and cross-linked to your existing social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our law firm blog writers can set each blog to post automatically to these platforms, which in turn will boost your visibility, increase inbound links to your law firm’s website and also lead to improved SEO results. Again, that increased SEO is going to mean your law firm is going to show up higher in the results for search engines like Google and Bing.

Another benefit to a blog is that it helps to establish you as a thought leader in your field. It sets you apart from competitors, and increases awareness about your practice and your firm. The more often you update your law firm blog, the more visibility and credibility you build.

Skilled writers can help you create a library of relevant, diverse topics that includes detailed, quality legal analysis. We translate complex legal concepts into readable content for possible clients. Accuracy and quality control is always a top priority.

Research by Orbit Media has shown that bloggers who get the strongest results as those who:

  • Invest time in their writing.
  • Create longer posts and include more media (even a stock photo can make a difference).
  • Promote their posts on social media.
  • Update their blog regularly.

Only about 12 percent spend more than six hours a month writing blog posts, but those who do this are known to see the strongest results.

Our law firm blog writers spend an average of 40 minutes to one full hour per blog post, depending on the complexity of the topic and the availability of relevant research and information. Most of our law firm blog topics focus on new and important cases emerging from district, state and federal courts, as well as timely news from the attorney’s local area. All of our blogs are a minimum of 500 words, often more. Research has time and again shown that bloggers who create longer blogs tend to see much stronger results.

Users who post daily or more on their law firm blog are almost three times more likely to see what they classified as “strong results” compared to those who post just once a month.

Most of the WordPress sites we use for our law firm blogging contain SEO plugins, which are helpful in automating some of the technical elements of good SEO. Ultimately, though, it’s the regular, quality content that is going to do the most to boost your ranking.

Contact Law Firm Ghost Writer to learn more about our legal blog writing services at 1.888.901.3939.

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