Why Do Law Firms Need Online Content?

Years ago, if someone was injured in a traffic accident or accused of a serious crime, they would turn to their trusty Yellow Pages and flip through to find a listing for a local attorney. They might even look for a certain attorney specifically by name after having heard a radio advertisement or a quote within a local newspaper. lawyer

Those days are gone. The internet has become a resource for a whole host of answers, and it’s usually the first resource people tap when they are looking for a law firm. Yes, people still rely on word-of-mouth, to an extent. However, a survey conducted last year of 1,500 people who recently hired a lawyer revealed almost 20 percent found their attorney via search engines. That’s compared to 13 percent who got the name from a friend, and less than 2 percent who found legal help via the phone book. Another recent study indicated there are 6.1 million searches in the U.S. every month for the keyword “lawyers.”

If your law firm has any hope of edging out the competition, you must have a strategy.

That’s how we can help. Legal blog writing is one of the best ways to bolster your search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

Once upon a time, when the internet was fairly new, all a website had to do to stay at the top of the search results was make sure their content was chock full of relevant keywords and a ton of links back to their site (which could be purchased). But search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others got savvy to these tactics, referred to as “black hat tricks.” They want to stay relevant to their users. Google especially has been hawkish in this regard, unveiling an increasing number of updates in recent years to ensure users find what they’re looking for. Now, sites that employ “keyword stuffing” or have a ton of back links from untrustworthy sites are penalized.

If you want your law firm to be one of the top search results in your field, you will need to employ SEO. One of the best SEO strategies that law firms can use is publishing regular content on the firm’s website or blog. Google is constantly updating its platform, looking to weed out spam and junk content. Avoid running afoul of these updates by regularly producing content that is:

  • High quality/ well-written
  • Unique (no plagiarism!)
  • Relevant to your field and services
  • Rich in value to your audience

The idea is to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your profession. Potential clients need to see you are knowledgeable about current events and ever-evolving case law and that you are engaged in issues and areas of law that matter to them. At the same time, your content still needs to include some of those carefully-chosen keywords that will alert the search engines to the focus of your page and the services you offer.

At Law Firm Ghost Writer, we employ lawyers and experienced print journalists who spent years covering legal issues for award-winning publications. Our copy is clear, concise, dynamic  and well-researched. We write in-depth about recent case law developments as well as current events. The content we produce is tailored to both your geographical location and area of legal focus.

To learn more about the SEO benefits of regular, high-quality content on your law firm website, contact us today.

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