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Busy lawyers have plenty they would like to say to their clients. Finding the time to say it has always been the challenge. Many attorneys like to write, which furthers the likelihood they will delay outsources the job until their law firm’s poor website performance has become a glaring liability.

The demand for online legal content has sent law firms searching for solutions. Those who argue ghostwritten content is somehow cheating, or even unethical, are uninformed and missing several key points. In fact, the time likely has already passed when a potential client might confuse a firm’s website content as being written by a partner of staff attorney. A look at some of the best performing sites in the country reveals a simple truth: I don’t want to hire an attorney who has that kind of time to work on his website.Legal Marketing

Legal Blog Topics – Law Firm Blog Writing Solutions

In other cases, attorneys insist they just don’t have enough topics, or can’t find timely topics when they want one. At Law Firm Ghost Writer, we provide legal blog topics and analysis from sources nationwide. Lawyers and blog writers check back frequently for inspiration and our own writers find blog topics for personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and abuse, workers’ compensation, medical marijuana, DUI defense, and criminal defense blogs. Justia US Law and other resources may also be valuable.

Our law firm blog writers work with your law firm to produce articles of relevance to your area of practice, in your town and your state. We write your topics or select legal blog topics on your behalf. Most of all, we ensure that your Internet marketing effort won’t starve for the content necessary to fuel your rise through the search results.