Internet Legal Marketing

iven the competitive nature of today’s Internet legal marketing, original content and legal blogs are but a starting point.

Gone are the days when a 4-page attorney website would suffice. Today’s websites often surpass 100 pages. Facebook for law firms and social media outreach are also a critical piece of the equation. Newsletter marketing, mass e-mail, online press releases, pay-per-click advertising and website videos for law firms are all vital to a comprehensive law firm web marketing strategy.

Legal Blog Writing: If you want your law firm to show up in search results, you must have something to say. Too many law firms have invested in quality website platforms, only to leave them virtually empty and complain of poor SEO performance. Our staff of attorneys and print journalists will keep your law firm in front of potential clients. A professional law firm blog writer will feed regular updates of content to your website and blog, a critical part of any internet legal marketing strategy.

Practice Area Pages: Website content for law firms can not only move your firm’s website up through the search results, it can help ensure you have something to say of relevance to a potential client. Personal injury, criminal law, family law and probate law have all seen a substantial increase in the demand for relevant content among those firms who demand to show up near the top of search results.

Legal Marketing Plans: Law firms continue to look for the best advice available as the reallocate marketing budgets away from yellow pages and other traditional forms of adverting. At LFGW, we understand how critical it is to get it right, and have successfully redeployed millions of dollars online on behalf of law firms in some of the nation’s largest metro markets, and helped design marketing plans that have sent struggling sole proprietors in search of law partners.

Social Media Marketing: Social media permits law firms to engage, one-on-one with current and future potential clients. Never has their been a more underutilized marketing medium. In competitive markets, the benefit of a robust social media presence can mean the difference between outstanding law firm SEO results and your firm’s Internet legal marketing effort being buried in white noise on page 3.

Internet Legal Marketing Solutions

Whether you are looking to review your firm’s comprehensive marketing strategy, or are just starting out and need to deploy your marketing dollars as wisely as possible, Law Firm Ghost Writer has more than a century of combined experience in legal marketing services.