Social Media Marketing

one are the days when a 4-page website would suffice. Today’s successful Internet marketing campaigns for law firms harness the power of social media.

An estimated 1 in 8 Interent users is on Facebook at any given time. Despite knowing where those users are at and what they are doing, too many firms spend marketing dollars trying to reach the other 7, while neglecting their social media efforts. Law Firm Ghost Writer provides comprehensive online marketing solutions, including social media marketing for law firms.Legal Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We’ll guess if your law firm is doing social media marketing at all, it’s pretty much limited to auto-posting blog entries to Facebook or Twitter. What do you do with your friends who incessantly post topics of little interest to you? You hide them, right?

At LFGW, our social media marketing for lawyers concentrates on organic and paid advertising efforts designed to build your reputation in the community and keep you in front of potential clients in need of legal services. Robust social media efforts (you are ignoring Google +, aren’t you?) improve organic search results in a multitude of ways and can be a winning move in a fight for inches in many of the nation’s largest metro areas, where legal marketing is most competitive.

We take this work very seriously and provide services to discerning law firms who understand the benefits. Some of our social media marketing packages include a $300 Facebook advertising credit. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Google Maps are basic online legal marketing tools that must be part of any comprehensive Internet marketing plan.