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Of Writing Legal Blogs, Court Cases & Pedestrian Safety Tips

When I was in college, my layout and design class was the first to switch to Adobe and away from old-school pagination. We got high-speed Internet in the dorms at The Ohio State University in 2000 (about the same time OSU went to court to formalize that ‘The’ in its name). We were cutting edge, and among the first places in Ohio to have it (high-speed Internet, not Proper articles of grammar).

During my first year at my first newspaper job — Mansfield News Journal — we got our first website. So you can say I started working in newspapers before they had websites, if only by a changing of the seasons.

Old-school newspaper paste-up pagination to Adobe, dial-up Internet to smartphones, yellow pages to a robust Internet marketing strategy being vital to the success of law firms large and small.Legal Marketing

A dozen years, give or take.

I’ve now been writing legal blogs since 2006, or more than 7 years, which likely dates me as among the oldest law firm website writers still going…and going…

Which brings me to my recent post Evolution of Legal Blogs Continues to Impact SEO, and how what we do today resembles very little of what we were doing in the dark ages of 2009.

Pedestrian safety tips are no longer going to cut the mustard. We made the change several years ago but so many writing legal blogs continue to do the same old thing, while expecting positive results.

It’s the rest of the world that has moved on.

An old associate doing SEO work in Miami called this morning to say as much. He was looking for court cases and other shareable content. He wants what Google wants, which is to provide his client with something worthwhile to say. In some cases, that might include a mainstream health and safety study, or information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And it’s not to say basic safety advice — from Halloween to Fourth of July — is not still a sharable, viable interaction with your audience. But it does mean that telling me a motorist is ACTUALLY 23 times more likely to get into an accident while distracted EACH AND EVERY year, is likely, blessedly, mercifully, dead on arrival.

Today we use Justia US Law, Google News Alerts and other resources to stay abreast on the latest topics of use to our clients and their audience. It’s what we want, it’s what our client wants and it’s what Google wants. Because if you’re going to write, you should first start out by having something to say.

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Law Firm Blog Writers – Welcome to the all-new Law Firm Ghost Writer.com

Legal Marketing

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Content and Legal Blog Writers Two Keys to Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy

When it comes to legal marketing online, attorneys are forever getting around to expanding their website. Or writing blogs. Or both.

It has been nearly 4 years since the first marketing study showed the Internet surpassing yellow pages as the leading referral source for attorneys. An eternity ago, in Internet years. The truth of the matter is that most website platforms are capable of getting the job done (we like Justia). You can even, God-save us, do-it-yourself.

Just do it.What you do with these platforms will determine whether you succeed or fail.

Law Firm Ghost Writer is the most respected name in legal website content writing. Our legal blog writers, and Internet content writers provide hundreds of pages a month to law firms in more than 30 states. We have evolved to provide other legal marketing services at the request of our clients.

What you will find is a ready staff capable of providing you with comprehensive Internet legal marketing services, or services on an ala carte basis. Blog writing services, for example, start at just $200 a month.

Other firms elect to spend several thousand dollars a month or more on a more robust effort.

There just is no more time for excuses. And there is no magic bullet for search engine optimization. Ongoing, sustained effort will pay dividends. Anything else will eventually fail. And every day that goes by is one more day that your competitors have to get out in front of you and then stay there.

Make this year of the Internet. We’ve left the lights on for you.


Content is King for Legal Internet Marketing

I read with interest the informative article on legal Internet marketing in the February issue of Res Gestae. And I applaud RG for helping attorneys make sense of this New Frontier.

One critical piece of the puzzle that was not addressed is the need for high-quality original content in any legal Internet marketing strategy. As Find Law’s Erica Butcher points out, some areas are saturated on the web and “It’s very difficult to rank with DUI right now.”

Yet it’s not going to be any easier tomorrow! What if you are a Fort Myers criminal defense attorney and DUI is your bread and butter? (And I can assure you personal injury is no less competitive). Meanwhile, the competition for bankruptcy and foreclosure representation has skyrocketed since the beginning of the downturn.

It’s all about the content. The truth of the matter is that most of these mass-market platforms will suffice, whether Find Law, Justia, Scorpion, or an independent site builder who knows what she’s doing.

But attorneys typically buy these sites, leave them sit with several paragraphs of content on half-a-dozen pages, and complain they are not showing up in search results. Your work is not finished with the purchase of a site, it’s just beginning! Five years ago, a 30-page site was good enough to show up in some of the largest metro markets in the nation, including New York, Chicago, Miami and Boston. Today, those sites are 100+ pages. And, while a 30-page site still dominates a market the size of Fort Myers, the writing is on the wall.

“If you haven’t been going at it for the past four years, forget about it unless you want to spend a lot of money,” is fine as far as it goes. But it’s the sustained, ongoing effort that counts. Doing a great job on a website that has sat for four years is no better than the firm that spends $3,500 on a new site and expects to rule the world. Until law firms are willing to spend as much money online as they spent on yellow pages, many will continue to be disappointed with the results. It does not yet take that much money, but it does take that kind of commitment.

You want to show up well for DUI? Write 10 pages of DUI content. Or 20. “What to do if I get a DUI in Fort Myers,” “Second-offense DUI in Lee County,” “Underage drinking and DUI in Southwest Florida.” This gives you 10 or 20 more bites of the apple when it comes to Google and has the added bonus of addressing the various inquiries of potential clients. In that same vein, blogging is a great way to add content to your site on a regular basis. When you do so, Google scans your site more frequently, and ranks your site higher. There are also linking and other technical benefits to blogging.

Two-thirds of clients who are not getting a personal referral are finding an attorney online. And that number is growing by the day. Social media, website videos, website press releases and unique, quality content are all worthwhile investments. Beware of duplicative content. If your content exists elsewhere on the web, Google will ignore you. And why shouldn’t it? You have nothing to say.

Google wants to display the most relevant search results for a given term. Yes, researching keywords and finding a balance between relevancy and competition is critical. As is link building. But the overarching question when it comes to legal marketing — both traditional and electronic — has not changed. What can I do to best reach the client? If you are answering that question with a dynamic web presence, you are a step ahead of the competition and are likely to stay there.

Law Firm Ghostwriter is located in Fort Myers, FL and has provided website content and internet marketing services to law firms since 2007. Today we work with law firms in more than 30 states and in 20 of the nation’s 25 largest metro markets.